Healing the Feminine Wound of Mankind
The Golden Vessel Anointing Meditation
One minute introduction

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Trish is a Spiritual Intuitive and co-founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii offering dolphin and whale swim retreats in Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. She is author of the book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It. She also offers Into the Light Soul Readings, Core Light Activations, Guided Meditations, Inspirational Spiritual Workshops, DVDs and shares inspirations in her blog

Golden Vessel Anointing Meditation
Healing the Feminine Wound of Mankind ...

Track One: Golden Vessel Anointing

A guided meditation to heal the feminine wound of mankind created by a council of elders in the higher realms

Track Two: Morning Meditation

A beatiful guided meditation to begin your day balancing your chakras and aligning with your soul

More about Track One: Golden Vessel Anointing

The first track of this CD is the result of a mystical experience I had years ago in the higher realms with twelve exalted goddesses and priestesses surrounding a sacred fire. They asked me to join them to alchemically manifest a golden chalice which received the etheric sacred golden oil to heal the feminine wound of mankind. This meditation is not only for all the women of the world for healing centuries of abuse and degradation, but also for men and to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of humanity. This guided meditation will heal all past generations so that we can enter the new Golden Age in balance.

More about Track Two: Morning Meditation

A beautiful way to start your day! A gentle and powerful twenty minute guided preparation to align your mental, physical, emotional and etheric bodies in the Light.


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